Author: Simone Kotva

New film featuring Charlotte Rodgers’ artwork: Dynamics, Interplay and the Dance of Perception

Charlotte Rodgers: Dynamics, Interplay and the Dance of Perception Following on from the Magic and Ecology conference we are delighted to showcase Charlotte Rodger’s film of her work.   Remove something from context and it becomes whatever we want it to be; return it to an organic environment and natural form is assumed, in the dynamic of wholeness. Working with discarded…

David Abram & Merlin Sheldrake on ENTANGLED LIFE

We are excited to share this special talk with you: Dr David Abram and Dr Merlin Sheldrake in conversation, responding to Merlin’s new book, Entangled Life (Penguin, 2020). Watch the talk and don’t forget to sign up for the live Q&A with David and Merlin next Friday, April 9, 6pm GMT/1pm EST. This will be the final live panel of our…

Ancient Magic and the Nonhuman World: Live Panel Recording with Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe & Esther Eidinow, chaired by Thomas Harrison

The live recording of our panel, “Ancient Magic and the Nonhuman World,” is now up! This was a fantastic discussion with Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe and Professor Esther Eidinow, chaired by Professor Thomas Harrison. The papers are available to watch here. The panel was originally streamed on Friday 26 March 2021, 6pm GMT/1pm EST.    

Apocalyptic Craft panel recording

Watch the recording of our live panel discussion with author Peter Grey and artist Geraldine Hudson, streamed on Friday 26 February, 6pm GMT/1pm EST. Peter and Geraldine answered audience questions about the nature of “nature”, a multi-planetary future, apocalyptic realism and how to engage with the environment in devastated biomes. This session was chaired by Bethany Dubow.  


A short talk for the (W)RITES OF PASSAGE panel  with Zakiya McKenzie and Victoria Whitworth. Watch Victoria’s talk on VIMEO: a beautiful meditation on bodily transformation, identity and swimming with seals. This was a beautiful and in-depth panel where our speakers talked identity, belonging and place. Unfortunately this livestream won’t be released on the CRASSH YouTube channel due to copyright…

Livestream with Lilith Dorsey & Sabrina Scott

Recording of the fantastic WITCHBODIES panel with Lilith Dorsey and Sabrina Scott! The panel was chaired by Alice Tarbuck. This was a fascinating conversation about inclusive craft, bodies, initiation, meaning and life – and so much more. Watch, share and like! And don’t forget to register for our upcoming panel, APOCALYPTIC CRAFT, with Peter Grey and Geraldine Hudson.   

Lilith Dorsey & Sabrina Scott talk WITCHBODIES

This has been WITCHBODIES week, with Lilith Dorsey and Sabrina Scott sharing their short talks on the relationship between bodies, craft and planet. The live Q&A was livestreamed on 29 January 2021, and the recording will be available to watch next week.      About the speakers Lilith Dorsey is an author, speaker and magical practitioner. Their first initiation came…