Art Exhibition

Animist Art Action: Sculptures by Charlotte Rodgers

UK-based artist Charlotte Rodgers is an animist, artist and author who works with remnants of the dead and the discarded to create talismanic and totemic art. Her work has been exhibited internationally, at galleries in the UK and US, and two of her sculptures recently won the competition to be exhibited at The Second Triennial of Self-Taught Visionary Art, Art Pavilion, Cvijeta Zuzoric in Belgrade, 2020. Rodgers writes: “Everything holds life-force, energy and potential. I work with the memory held in remnants of the dead, the forgotten,the discarded and the rejected. I honour these memories through acknowledgment, then use the past as a foundation for new directions and realities.”

Rodgers also gives talks and has collaborated in numerous workshops, and is the author of The Sky is a Gateway, Not a Ceiling: Blood, Sex, Death, Magick and Transformation (2014), and The Bloody Sacrifice: A Personal Experience of Contemporary Blood Rites (2011), which chronicles her use of road kill and blood in art, ritualized scarification, tattoo work and magic.